Canyoning (canyoneering in the United States, kloofing in South Africa) is a type of mountaineering that involves travelling in canyons using a variety of techniques that may include other outdoor activities such as walking, scrambling, climbing, jumping, abseiling (rappelling), and swimming.

Canyon meaning in english

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. canyon - Meaning in English, what is the meaning of canyon in English dictionary, pronunciation, synonyms, usage examples and definitions of canyon in English and. . .

ravine noun a small narrow steep-sided valley that is larger than a gully and smaller than a canyon and that is usually worn by running water.


a ravine formed by a river in an area with little rainfall Familiarity information CANYON used as a noun is very rare.

The meaning of CANYON is a deep narrow valley with steep sides and often with a stream flowing through it.

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Webster's Revised Unabridged English Dictionary; CANYON kan"yeuhn , n.

a large valley with very steep sides and usually a river flowing along the bottom 2. Learn more. . .

. &39;canyon&39; also found in these entries (note many are not synonyms or. An English Word from the Spanish"Can" "A narrow chasm with steep walls,cut by running water.

over 200 miles (320 km) long; 1 mile (1.
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canyon, ca&241;on k&230;njn n.

jn . The meaning of GORGE is a narrow passage through land; especially a narrow steep-walled canyon or part of a canyon.

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The meaning of GORGE is a narrow passage through land; especially a narrow steep-walled canyon or part of a canyon.

What does Canyon mean Information and translations of Canyon in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.


canyon meaning 1. . Definition of canyon in the English dictionary The definition of canyon in the dictionary is a gorge or ravine, esp in North America, usually formed by the down-cutting of a river in a dry area where there is insufficient rainfall to erode the sides of the valley. a large.

. Learn more. 0 License or CC BY-SA 2. n.


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Canyon definition A narrow chasm with steep cliff walls, cut into the earth by running water; a gorge. 5-2. . Synonyms canon; canyon.